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E.U. Challenge Over Broiler Health and Mobility


Animal Equality, a welfare activist organization, has filed a complaint with the European Commission claiming that fast-growing broilers represent a violation of Article 13 of the Lisbon Treaty, recognizing animals as “sentient beings”.  Citing European Directive 98/58/EC, Animal Equality submitted data to the European Parliament and the Commission suggesting that fast-growing and high-yield strains are subject to skeletal disorders.


The European Commission responded indicating that welfare legislation will be updated in the light of scientific evidence.  The European Food Safety Authority is the body responsible for assessing claims and providing opinions that guide legislation.


The submission to the European Commission is heavy on sentiment, quoting, “This is why it is necessary to put an end to the exploitation of fast-growing chickens which are condemned from birth to be prisoners of their own bodies for the profit of the meat industry.”


Animal Equality has campaigned against intensive poultry production for two decades. As with kindred organizations in North America, members of the organization undertake undercover investigations and intrusion onto farms to gather images used to solicit funds and to oppose intensive livestock production.

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