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Simmon M. Shane
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Simon Mark Shane

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Durham, North Carolina, 27713

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Simmon M. Shane
Birth:  England
Citizenship:    United States, Naturalized 1985
Degrees and Qualifications    
 »  B.V.Sc. (equivalent to DVM) University of Pretorla 1961-1964
 »  Ph.D. Cornell University 1965-1968
 »  M.B.L. (equivalent to MBA) University of South Africa 1971-1974
 »  Dip. ACPV Charter Diplomate American College of Poultry Veterinarians    1991
 »  Specialist in Poultry Medicine and Production    Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons 1993
 »  FRCVS Fellow of the Royal College
of Veterinary Surgeons
By Thesis, Royal College
of Veterinary Surgeons
Professional Appointments
 »  1975 to Present   Consultant Poultry Veterinarian; Concentration on enhancing profitability through services, including diagnostic and preventive medicine, food safety, planning, analysis and implementation of projects in the U.S.A., Africa, Europe, and Middle East, evaluation of pharmaceutical and biological products, expert testimony and promotional seminars.
 »  2001 to Present Adjunct Professor, Department of Poultry Science and College of Veterinary Medicine,   North Carolina State University 
 »  1979 to 2001 Professor of Avian Medicine; School of Veterinary Medicine, Louisiana State University. Responsible for instruction, research, and service relating to the health, nutrition and management of commercial poultry; epidemiology and food safety.
 »  1969 to 1974 Executive Director, Rainbow Chicken Farms, South Africa. Successively Veterinarian, Director, Livebird Production and Executive Member of Board of Holding Company and Subsidiaries.
Professional Affiliations  
 »  Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons 1965
 »  Poultry Science Association 1972
 »  American Veterinary Medical Association 1974
 »  American Association of Avian Pathologists 1974
 »  Institute of Food Technologists, Professional Member   1997
Conference Papers and Presentations, since 1979
 »  72 posters and papers delivered at national and regional poultry and veterinary conferences
 »  Over 100 platform presentations at international symposia and industry meetings
Peer Reviewed Articles, since 1979
 »  54 articles as principal or co-author, published
 »  26 published abstracts
 »  9 invited chapters and contributions to scientific texts
Articles in Industry Peridicals, since 1979
 »  Over 1,000 technical articles and reports, published
Professional Reports, Evaluations and Feasibility Studies
 »  Over 250 documents prepared for clients
 »  Henry Denton Scholarship 1961-1964
 »  Sir Arnold Theiller Medal 1964
 »  Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society 1967
 »  Sigma Xi Honor Society 1968
 »  Phi Zeta Honor Society 1980
 »  Norden Distinguished Teacher Award   1982
 »  LSU-SVM Aesculapian Lecturer 1986
 »  AAAP Lasher-Botorff Award 2005
Practical Experience
 »  Line manager responsible for planning, implementing and controlling live-bird production in an integrated broiler company, involving control of personnel, assets, and operating budgets consistent with an annual production level of 30 million birds.
 »  Professional consultant in agribusiness involving the interaction of economics, disease control, nutrition and management with specific application to broiler and commercial egg industries. Implementation of diagnostic procedures under laboratory and field conditions. United States, Latin America, Southern Africa, Middle East and Europe.
 »  Feed formulation and implementation of ingredient acquisition and quality control programs. Investigation of the nutritional requirements of commercial chickens with an emphasis on mineral metabolism and interaction between diet and disease.
 »  Application of current knowledge of diagnosis and treatment of infections and implementation of preventive measures including biosecurity and immunizations of breeders, broilers and commercial layers.
 »  Site investigations and preparation of technical and financial feasibility studies for poultry projects, including evaluation of candidates for acquisition.
 »  Planning and presentation of educational programs and instructional seminars. Compilation and editing of technical manuals.
 »  Research conducted on biosecurity and epidemiology of food-borne diseases. Diagnosis and control of campylobacteriosis, salmonellosis, and coccidiosis; food safety and irradiation of poultry products.
 »  Design and implementation of programs to promote flock welfare. Field audits of integrations to ensure compliance with standards established by multinational institutional and food service clients.
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