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HatchTech Promotes HatchCare® at IPPE


At a breakfast presentation on Wednesday February 13th organized by HatchTech the technical and financial advantages of the HatchCare® system were documented. Improved growth rate and feed conversion efficiency through to broiler harvest is attributed to the opportunity for each chick to eat and drink within minutes of drying through the entire hatching period. Initiation of digestive activity and reduced stress contribute to enhanced performance compared with conventional hatching as recorded in the EU, Canada and the U.S.


The incremental capital cost of a HatchCare® installation is offset by financial benefits derived from lower cost per unit of live-weight harvested or alternatively from increased saleable mass. In the case of a one million chick per week installation the additional capital cost is returned in a year of operation and the discounted annual benefit over ten years exceeds the additional capital cost by at least sevenfold depending on specific circumstances relating to the hatchery capacity and utilization.


A Power Point set presented at the HatchTech meeting is posted for the information of Subscribers. Additional information is available on the HatchTech website   

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