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Orffa provides feed solutions.


Orffa innovates, sources, produces and distributes a range of feed additives for ruminant and monogastric nutrition. The company was established during the 1960's in Belgium and is now management owned with equity participation by Marubeni of Japan. Orffa has a turnover in excess of $300 million annually from the sale of 160,000 metric tons of additives.

Orffa has offices and representation in the U.S. and Mexico and in four nations in Latin America. The Orffa presence in Asia includes India, Middle East, South Africa, Thailand, China, the Philippines, and Japan in addition to Australia. Manufacturing facilities are located in the EU and Asia.

Orffa has 800 customers in 80 nations and has extensive contact with feed industry organizations, universities and research institutes worldwide.

Orffa maintains high standards of quality with products subject to three levels of quality control:

  • All products have EU quality-standard approval.
  • All batches are analyzed to ensure that active ingredients are at specified levels and are free of contaminants including dioxins and heavy metals.
  • All products are subjected to risk assessment to determine the extent of analyses required to ensure efficacy and safety. The company conducts random analyses based on risk assessment.

Orffa operates according to five ethical principles:

  • Competency of personnel - In addition to research, marketing and administrative specialists, Orffa has appointed 120 technical experts to assist customers. The company maintains an ongoing program of training to ensure that personnel are familiar with technical developments.
  • Orffa continues to expand internationally with the intent of supplying specific markets in Africa and Asia that are currently under supplied.
  • Orffa believes in close association with stakeholders including suppliers of ingredients, universities and research institutes and customers. Orffa maintains policies of transparency and communication to maintain goodwill.
  • Orffa distributes branded products under the Elovital™ and Excentials™ ranges. The former comprises vitamins, minerals and amino acids conforming to EU standards. The Excentials™ range includes advanced feed additives supported by comprehensive documentation on safety and efficiency.
  • Orffa research and development capability provides a least one novel marketable product or innovative concept each year.
  • To maintain customer goodwill and expand market penetration, Orffa operates a comprehensive service component to support product introduction and marketing.

Orffa USA will now expand the Excentials™ presence into monogastric nutrition with an emphasis on poultry. Major products will include:

  • Beta-Key® a non-hygroscopic betaine which helps to minimize water loss in cells and improve methyl efficiency
  • Energy Plus® a nutritional emulsifier contributing to enhanced fat utilization and feed efficiency
  • Excential Selenium 4000® providing superior levels of metabolically available Selenomethionine to promote essential metabolic function in addition to optimizing immunity and antioxidant status.

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