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Progress in Suppressing COVID-19


It is evident that there is an improvement in both the incidence and hospitalization rates for COVID-19. This follows the January surge reflecting injudicious travel, gatherings and a neglect of precautions over the late December holiday period. Statistics as of Monday 15th February include:-


  • Incident cases have been declined to 65,000 per day as of Saturday 13th representing a 39 percent decline on the basis of a seven-day rolling average.


  • The positive rate on COVID testing has dropped to 6 percent from approximately 13 percent in mid-January.


  • Daily deaths still are in the region of 3,000 per day but mortality is a lagging indicator.
  • Hospitalizations have declined to 67,000 with 14,000 under ICU care.


  • 70 million doses of COVID vaccine have been delivered to states.

  • 52 million vaccines have been administered with a daily rate increasing to 2.2 million for Saturday and Sunday 13th, 14th, February. Considerable disruption has been caused by extreme weather over a broad area of the U.S.


  • To date in the U.S. there have been 27.6 million confirmed cases with 485,000 fatalities recorded.


  • The CDC recommends reopening of schools with appropriate precautionary measures.


  • On a cautionary note, public health authorities have warned of the increase in variant isolates including the U.K. B. identified in 40 states in addition to domestic variants arising by mutation.

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