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Tyson Foods To Expand Educational Opportunities for Employees


Egg-NewsOn April 25th, Tyson Foods, Inc. announced an extension of the company-sponsored educational assistance program.  Commencing mid-2022, all U.S. employees will have the option to obtain associate, undergraduate or master’s degrees with full reimbursement by the company.


The program will be administered by Guild as part of the initiative incorporating 175 options offered by 35 universities.  It is anticipated that Tyson will commit $60 million to cover all fees, tuition and educational material. Areas of study will include agriculture, supply chain and operations, manufacturing and automation, and sustainability.


In commenting on the program, John R. Tyson, Executive Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, stated, “This commitment to our team members reinforces our belief that they are the lifeblood of our current and future success.”  He added, “Providing educational benefits will continue to lay a foundation for personal and career growth for our team members.”



For employees intending to obtain certificates and associate qualifications, programs will include English comprehension, career readiness and applied line management techniques.  The company will also reimburse attendance at executive programs leading to certification in leadership, business management and applied aspects of technology.

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