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China Reports Case of Avian Influenza in Customer of a Wet Market


In a Monday, June 27th posting on ProMed authorities in China reported a case of avian influenza strain H5N6 in a patient who visited a wet market in Guangzhou, Jiangxi Province.  The patient was hospitalized approximately four days after onset of symptoms and is reported to be in critical condition.


The Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health in China has warned against visiting wet markets and the necessity of protective measures to prevent infection.  This is the 14th case of H5N6 infection among humans diagnosed during 2022.


It is enigmatic that China has a Draconian policy regarding COVID, yet tolerates wet markets and live bird sales with minimal restrictions in the face of ample evidence to demonstrate the role that the live bird marketing system and wet markets play in dissemination of avian influenza affecting flocks and consumers. It is also questioned why live bird marketing and wet markets are tolerated in the U.S.



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