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Congress Pressing DOJ to Resolve Allegations Of Market Manipulation By Beef Packers


A letter addressed to the Department of Justice (DOJ) requests information on the ongoing investigation of alleged market manipulation by the major beef packers.  Approximately two years ago, Tyson Foods, JBS USA, Cargill and National Beef Packing Company received demands for information as part of a comprehensive investigation.


The letter initiated by Rep. Cindy Axne (D-IA) noted, “The American public deserve to know of any wrongdoing at the meat packing industry.”  She added, “It is absolutely imperative that consumers and producers can have faith in the cattle industry.”


The beef packing industry has been under scrutiny since the 2019 fire in the Tyson Foods plant in Holcomb, KS. followed by the COVID outbreak that disrupted supply chains, and now high costs for beef in an inflationary environment.

At this time, the investigative activities of the DOJ appear to be centered on beef, although there may be extension to pork and even to chicken should unethical practices or manipulation be proven.

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