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Impossible Foods Changes Formula For Beef Substitute


According to a company release, Impossible Foods has reduced saturated fat by 25 percent from 8g to 6g per serving.  Protein as a proportion of daily value has increased to 38 percent from 31 percent, although the company has not provided any information on amino acid profile. 


The ingredient list for their faux beef is far from “clean” as required by their affluent consumer base concerned over heath, sustainability and welfare. Ingredients listed include soy protein concentrate, sunflower oil, coconut oil, natural flavors, methyl cellulose, cultured dextrose, food starch, yeast extract, soy leghemoglobin (a GMO), salt, tocopherols, L-tryptophan, and soy protein isolate in addition to vitamins and minerals.


The company has also changed the name from Impossible Burger™ to Impossible Beef ™ as burger patties and containers of the beef substitute are now sold in separate packages.


Peter McGuinness the newly appointed CEO claims a repeat purchase rate of 45 percent by consumers.  Optimistic pronouncements are at variance with successive quarterly reports issued by competitors all of whom document either static or declining sales volume and shrinking or outright negative gross, operational and net margins.


The state of vegetable-based meat substitutes can be appreciated by reviewing quarterly reports of Maple Leaf Foods and Beyond Meat by entering the names of these companies in the SEARCH block to retrieve financial data.

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