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Bipartisan Congressional Request for Extension on Proposed P&S Rules


Senators and representatives from agricultural states have addressed a letter to Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, requesting a six-month extension of the comment period relating to the suite of proposed Packers and Stockyards Act (P&S) regulations.  The letter noted that the “inclusive competition and market integrity under P&S requires responses to more than 40 technical issues that may not be adequately defined”.  Previously, the USDA-AMS published proposed rules relating to transparency in poultry growing and contracting and also fairness in relation to the tournament system.  Given the complexity of the responses to the proposed rule and its implications in terms of food production, the Congressional signatories to the letter are justified in requesting an extension for comments.


It is noted that many of the provisions of the intended rule were, in fact, developed during the Obama Administration and approved by Secretary Vilsack in his first term as USDA Secretary.  Many of the requirements were, in fact, set aside by his successor, Dr. Sonny Perdue, under the Trump Administration.

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