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Brazil Increases Value and Volume of Chicken Exports


For the ten months of 2022, Brazil increased the value of chicken meat exports by 29 percent and volume by 5 percent.  According to the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein the value for the first ten months of 2022 attained $8.195 billion and a volume of 4.060 million tons.  Unit value was therefore $2,018 per ton.  For comparison, for the first nine months of 2022 the U.S. exported 2,815 million tons of chicken comprising 96 percent leg quarters valued at $3,960 million with a unit value of $1,407 million.


For the ten-month period, Brazil exported 9.2 percent of product to the UAE, an increase of 23 percent over 2021; 5.2 percent of exports were to the Philippines, a 45 percent increase; 5.0 percent to the European Union, up 24 percent and 3.7 percent of exports to South Korea, an increase of 63 percent.


Average monthly shipments of chicken by Brazil attained 400,000 tons.

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