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Missouri Considering Ban on Foreign Ownership of Farmland


The Missouri House has passed from Committee a Bill to increase restrictions on foreign ownership of farmland in the state. The bill reduces to 0.5 percent of State farmland that can be owned by a non-U.S. entity, down from the existing one percent.  The Bill is opposed by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and the Missouri Association of Realtors.


Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft who advocates for the Bill stated, “We need protect Missouri farmland and farmers wanting to preserve generational land ownership.  The Bill will have to pass the Missouri House and then be approved by the State Senate.


Support for the Bill was intensified following the transcontinental passage of a balloon launch by China intensifying Sinophobia. It is ironic that those most opposed to China and their possible land ownership concurrently derive benefits from exports of agricultural commodities to the nation that rightly deserves censure for international aggression.


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