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FSNS 2023 Food Safety Education Courses


HACCP Training Courses

The HACCP course is designed to educate individuals in HACCP systems development, implementation, and management. The course is ideal for Plant HACCP Team Members, Plant Management Teams, Corporate Executives, and anyone whose job function will impact the facility HACCP Plan.


Advanced HACCP/Preventive Controls Training Courses

To help HACCP-knowledgeable food production management individuals improve their food safety systems. This course cover in depth information regarding hazard analysis, risk assessment decision-making, and robust verification and validation to support USDA and FDA food safety systems.


Internal Auditing Course

Internal Auditing is a one-day course that teaches attendees how to conduct internal audits within their facility to meet GFSI audit requirements. A comprehensive audit system is fundamental to a company food safety and product quality program, provides confirmation that systems and procedures are operating effectively, and identifies areas that require improvement.


Microbiology and Food Safety 101 Course

Fundamentals of food microbiology with an understanding of the characteristics of pathogenic microorganisms and their control. The course provides an awareness of the importance of process control, hygiene and sanitation in the food-processing environment.


Microbiology and Food Safety 202 Course

Advanced food safety microbiology focuses on the key pathogens that affect human health, detection of each within the laboratory, various methods used to test, techniques for confirmation such as cultural and molecular, and an overview of the serology of each genus.


Preventive Maintenance

Requirements of the BRC and SQF, USDA and FDA regulators, and provides essential understanding of the management of microbiological, chemical, and physical hazard risks that can present on a process floor and in the maintenance shop.


Sanitation: Management of Cleaning & Disinfecting in Food Environments + COVID 19

This course outlines the requirements for FDA and USDA regulations regarding cleaning and sanitizing. It addresses the science of cleaning and sanitation, how to prevent biofilm formation, and how to maintain sanitary conditions before and during operations, and things that should be emphasized in the management of sanitation procedures.


Sanitation Short course

Targets front-line cleaners, janitors and FSQA techs performing pre-op inspections. Focus is on cleaning and sanitizing chemicals, safety, sanitation methods and pre-op technique.


BRCGS Food - Issue 9 Sites Training

This two-day course is part of the BRCGS Professional Recognition Program and designed to enable participants to gain a full understanding of the general principles of the current BRC Standard and how to comply with the requirements. Attendees will also gain an understanding of what to expect during the process of certification and actions needed prior to, during and after the audit.


FSPCA Preventive Controls for Animal Food

Preventive Controls for Animal Food regulation is intended to ensure safe manufacturing/processing, packing and holding of food products for animal consumption in the United States. The regulation requires that certain activities must be completed by a ‘preventive controls qualified individual’. This course, developed by FSPCA, is the ‘standardized curriculum’ recognized by the FDA.


FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food

Preventive Controls for Human Food regulation is intended to ensure safe manufacturing/processing, packing, and holding of food products for human consumption in the United States. The regulation requires that certain activities must be completed by a ‘preventive controls qualified individual’. This course, developed by FSPCA, is the ‘standardized curriculum’ recognized by the FDA.


FSSC 22000

FSSC 22000 is a Food Safety Management System (FSMS) Certification program that is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). In this course, participants will learn how to meet the requirement of the FSSC 22000 scheme.


Sanitary Design

This interactive class will present the 10 Principles for Equipment Sanitary Design and the 11 Principles of Facility Sanitary Design. By the end of the class, participants will have a clear understanding of potential microbiological and allergen hazards, regulatory requirements for sanitary operations and the benefits of sanitary design.


SQF Training Course

This course can prepare for SQF Practitioner and to implement the requirements of SQF Food Safety Code, v9.


Advanced SQF

This course is for current SQF Practitioners who require more information on how to improve their current SQF system. Currently is only offered as a private course.


For more detailed information on classes, dates of presentation and registration, visit

Registration fee includes all materials, lunch/snacks and certificate of completion. EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION DISCOUNT of 5% (four weeks prior to the first day of the course). Register two or more employees from the same company and receive a 10% discount. Discounts may be combined.

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