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Email Content: Poultry Industry News, Comments and more by Simon M. Shane

USDA Funding Processing Technology


The USDA has assigned $43 million to research and development projects to promote efficiency in meat and poultry processing.  Funds were made available through the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative and were derived from the American Rescue Plan.


Major grants included $5 million to the University of Arkansas and to Wholestone Farms that received $25 million for expansion of a plant in Freemont, NE.


There were 14 Meat and Poultry Processing, Research and Innovation and Small Business Innovation research grants including:

  • Halomine of Ithaca, NY. to develop an antimicrobial coating for plant surfaces.
  • Cinder Biological Company of San Leandro, CA. to research ammonia-based disinfectants for meat and poultry processing.
  • Biotronics of Ames, IA. to develop ultrasound scanning to measure back and intramuscular fat in meat, to be deployed for small packing plants.

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