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JBS USA Establishes In-House Sanitation Capability


Following the termination of service contracts with Packers Sanitation Services, Inc, JBS USA has established a subsidiary, JBS Sanitation to provide cleaning and food safety services for ten plants operated by JBS USA and Pilgrim’s Pride.  Wesley Batista Filho, CEO of JBS USA, stated, “In light of the troubling allegations that have occurred in the food and sanitation sector, JBS USA has made the decision to create a company that could provide the highest levels of food safety and quality assurance while also adopting the same high standards for compliance and employment verification that we adhere to in hiring of our own JBS USA workforce.” The move is supported by the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union.  JBS Sanitation intends to provide competitive wages and benefits paralleling that of employees in plants.


Wilson Herera, an industry veteran with experience in human resources and compliance in the packing industry, will lead the company.  Alfred “Al” Almanza, Global Head of Food Safety and Quality Assurance for JBS Global, will assist as the Head of Technical Services for JBS Sanitation.  Almanza is a 40-year veteran of the USDA, retiring as Administrator of the Food Safety and Inspection Service and Deputy Undersecretary for Food Safety.  He stated, “Sanitation is a key component of producing safe, affordable, healthy food.”  He added, “It requires specific experience and a sense of training to be done safely”.          


JBS USA and Pilgrim’s have established an internal whistleblower hotline to report any suspicious activity.  Local school districts will have access to the JBS Ethics line for reporting suspected child labor exploitation.

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