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USDA Proposes to Declare Salmonella an Adulterant in Breaded Stuffed Chicken Products


USDA has proposed that uncooked breaded stuffed-chicken products should be prepared from using raw chicken with less than one colony-forming unit of Salmonella per gram (1cfm/g) prior to stuffing and breading.  Exceeding this level would represent adulteration and would not be allowed for distribution and sale.  Raw chicken exceeding the 1cfm/g would have to be diverted to other products.


While it is recognized that uncooked breaded chicken represents a potential danger of salmonellosis if incompletely cooked by consumers, the regulation as proposed by the USDA-FSIS appears unworkable or at best extremely disruptive for processors.


Logically it would appear more practical for the industry to only market fully cooked stuffed and breaded chicken products.  This would overcome the problem of negligence in handling and improper cooking and would effectively eliminate Salmonella infection from this specific product. 


It is evident that labeling to inform consumers that a product requires cooking to an internal temperature of 165 F is inadequate.  Surveys have shown that consumers use microwave heating and inadequate cooking in meal preparation.


In accordance with procedures to establish regulations, FSIS is soliciting public comment.  Predicably the National Chicken Council will provide a science-based objection to the proposed regulation but hopefully will incorporate constructive suggestions to eliminate the problem of salmonellosis associated with raw stuffed breaded chicken products.

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