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Studies on Heat Stress In Poults


Dr. Rocio Crespo, Professor in the  Department of Population Health and Pathobiology, North Carolina State University recently concluded Project F104 funded by USPOULTRY.  The project was entitled Blood chemistry-led environment manipulations to reduce poult mortality.  Poults were subject to one of four temperatures (range not specified) to investigate the effect of high ambient temperature on acute mortality, cardiomyopathy and blood chemistry parameters. 


Higher temperatures were associated with respiratory alkalosis, lower partial carbon dioxide levels and lower serum sodium and potassium.  These analytes were depressed due to increased water intake representing hemodilution.  This was correlated with distension of the crop in poults held at high temperature.  Brooding temperature did not affect acute mortality.  Low brooding temperature was associated with higher losses during the first week of placement.

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