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USPOULTRY Foundation Approves Research Grants


The USPOULTRY and the USPOULTRY Foundation have approved a series of research grants through the Comprehensive Research Program based on recommendations from the Research Advisory Committee.  Projects that will be funded included:-


  • Use of Qualitative and Quantitative Microbial Data to Determine if Turkey Pre-Chill and Post Chill Sampling Are Predictive of Salmonella enterica Contamination in Ground Turkey

The study will be conducted at Kansas State University with a grant from Cargill Inc.


  • Discovery of Novel Anthelmintic Resistance Genes to Reduce Production Loss Caused by Blackhead Disease

The study to be conducted by Northwestern University with a grant from Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation


  • Control of Enterococcus cecorum Through Identifying Its Dynamics of Adaptation to the Chickens and Its Environment

Research to be conducted at Mississippi State University with a grant from Wayne-Sanderson Farms


  • Investigation Into the Contribution of Rooster, Hens and Social Dynamics on the Reduced Hatchability in Broiler Breeders

Research will be conducted at Auburn University with a grant from Mar-Jac Poultry Inc.


In commenting on the awards, USPOULTRY chairman Jarod Morrison of Farbest Foods stated, “Research is one of the cornerstones of USPOULTRY’s service to the poultry industry.  The Foundation Research Advisory Committee is the core of the research program with members volunteering hours reviewing and evaluating research proposals before making recommendations for funding.”


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