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Pork Producers in Compliance with California Proposition #12


In a May 17th statement, Hormel Foods confirmed that it has been in compliance with Proposition #12 since January 2022 and is serving consumers in the state of California.


Hormel stated that it faces no risk of material losses following the May 11th and SCOTUS ruling on the constitutionality of California Proposition #12.  The company statement added, “While these measures will add complexity to our supply chain including costs associated with compliance, California and Massachusetts are important markets for Hormel and we will continue to meet the needs of our customers throughout the states.”


Hormel is in the company of Niman Ranch, a subsidiary of Perdue Foods, Coleman Natural have operated in accordance with Proposition #12 since mid-to-late 2021.  JBS USA has purchased assets from TriOak Foods in Iowa that houses sows in communal pens during gestation.


Smithfield Foods, Tyson Foods and other companies have moved towards compliance not only for the state of California but also to satisfy the requirements of major customers throughout the U.S.

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