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American Feed Industry Association Online Feed Manufacturing Course


The American Feed Industry Association in partnership with Kansas State University will present a five-week Fundamentals of Feed Manufacturing; AFIA 500 Course.  The program is designed to provide an understanding of the feed manufacturing process and is directed to workers who are unable to attend an in-person course.  Topics to be covered include:


  • Increasing process flow from reduction in particle size


  • Batching and mixing


  • Conditioning and pelleting


  • Boiler operation and maintenance


  • Post-pellet systems


  • Packaging and loadout


  • Maintenance


The deadline for registration is Wednesday May 31st with the course to be presented June 6th to July 11th.  The fee is $499 for employees of companies that are members of AFIA and $685 for nonmembers.  Further information can be obtained at

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