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Aviagen Contributes to University of Arkansas Research Facility


Aviagen contributed to development of the “poultry house of tomorrow” erected on the Poultry Science Farm of the University of Arkansas System, Division of Agriculture.  The project involved contributions from a number of major companies supplying the industry with equipment and services.


Dr. Bryan Fancher, Aviagen Group President of Global Technical Operations cooperated with the University of Arkansas to develop the house and was present at the grand opening ceremony on May 15th.


In commenting on the project Dr. Marc de Beer, president of Aviagen North America stated, “Aviagen is honored to contribute to this remarkable endeavor.  We are fully committed to supporting the next generation of poultry professionals and leaders.  They hold the very future of our industry, and their dedication and innovation are essential to shape a better world.”


Dr. Dave Caldwell, Director of the Center for Excellence for Poultry Science and the Head of the Department commented, “We are grateful for the generous support by Aviagen and our other partners in making this sophisticated facility a reality.  We extend our sincere gratitude to Aviagen and Dr. Fancher for their dedication to our school and our shared vision for the future of poultry farming.”

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