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Kem-TRACE® Chromium Supplement Enhances Broiler Feed Conversion and Meat Yield Under Heat Stress


Kemin has assembled data on controlled experimental and field evaluations demonstrating the benefits of supplementing broiler diets with Kem-TRACE® chromium.  Trials conducted by a Land Grant university demonstrated a six-point improvement in adjusted feed conversion ratios in 48-day birds receiving a 200ppb level of feed supplementation.  Concurrently, carcass meat yield was statistically significantly improved from 78.9 percent for controls to 80.05 percent in the supplemented treatments.  Breast meat yield was improved from 28.79 percent to 29.35 percent. 


With the approach of summer weather, integrators and nutritionists could consider supplementation with Kem-TRACE® a highly available organic source of chromium for optimal absorption and performance.


Additional information is available on or by clicking on to the Kemin logo on the right side of the welcome page.

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