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Estar TEB© Esterified Butyric Acid Available in the U. S.


Innovad® is promoting EstarTE©, the latest generation combination of esterified butyrins comprising three molecules of butyric acid combined with glycerol to produce a tributyrin ester with slow release properties.  The product is more stable and biologically available compared to alternative forms of butyric acid including sodium and calcium butyrate salts and encapsulated butyric acid.  To be beneficial, butyric acid, a short-chain fatty acid, must reach the distal ileum and cecum.


The quantum of butyrate released in the distal intestinal tract is significantly higher with Estar TE© than alternative commercial forms of butyrate. Estar TEB® is formulated to achieve a concentration of 54 percent butyric acid. Approximately 95 percent of the additive is delivered to the distal intestinal tract. Estar TEB© is stable and will maintain structural integrity for 120 minutes at a pH of 3.5.


The relative availability of butyrate from Estar TEB© should be taken into account when comparing the cost of alternative forms of butyric acid , given the approximately two-fold advantage in terms of availability of the active ingredient.


Butyrate, when delivered to the distal ileum and cecum, stimulates beneficial intestinal flora including Bifidobacterium and other probiotic genera resulting in release of acetic and propionic acids with a range of positive responses. These include:-

  • Proliferation of intestinal villi to enhance absorption.
  • Immunostimulation of enterocytes.
  • Modulation of inflammation of the intestinal sub-mucosa and reducing the effect of oxidative stress.
  • Enhancing secretion of pancreatic enzymes.
  • Promoting enhanced intestinal vascularization.
  • Stimulation of hepatic function.


The combination of beneficial effects results in enhanced growth rate and feed conversion efficiency as demonstrated in controlled pen trials and field evaluation.


Estar TEB© is recommended for broilers at an addition rate of 0.5 to 2 lb. per ton and for turkeys at 1 to 2 lb. per ton.  Advantages in terms of increased growth rate and enhanced immune function of the intestine in broilers should be expected in replacement egg production and broiler breeder pullets.

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