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Lidl in U.K. Coerced into Subscribing to the Better Chicken Commitment


The Humane League of the U.K. has filed a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority over marketing of chicken.  The animal rights group has presented evidence that in one specific farm, chickens were mishandled during harvesting.


Lidl claims that broilers they source are “reared with care by British or Scottish farmers on a balanced diet in barns with natural daylight and bales”.  The Humane League considers this misleading.


The intent of the action together with accompanying adverse publicity, is intended to coerce Lidl, a prominent discount food retailer in the U. K., to subscribe to the Better Chicken Commitment.  This is a progressive up-ratcheting system of forcing welfare requirements on farmers without necessarily enhancing the wellbeing of flocks. This requires investment in facilities and resources increasing cost of production, ultimately born by consumers.  As with all extremist welfare organizations with a concealed vegan agenda, the Humane League is essentially creating a marketing environment in which they are spending consumers’ money.

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