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Email Content: Poultry Industry News, Comments and more by Simon M. Shane

Take-Away Messages from the 2023 National Safety Conference


The 2023 National Safety Conference for the Poultry Industry co-sponsored by USPOULTRY and the Georgia Tech Research Institute provided updates on safety programs and stressing prevention.


The unfortunate accident at the Foundation Food Group plant on January 28th 2021 that claimed six lives in Gainesville, GA. highlighted dangers associated with liquid nitrogen.  Matt Spencer, Vice President of HR and Safety Programs with USPOULTRY, reviewed the EPA Risk Management Plan for cryogenic chemicals.  USPOULTRY offers the Accident Prevention and Response for Cryogenic Chemicals as a resource for processors.  Spencer advised on emergency planning in cooperation with first responders.


Boilers represent a potential hazard to workers.  Dr. David Schaller, Director of Safety and Policy at Darling Ingredients, reviewed safety measures including maintenance, operation and training of personnel.


The emphasis of the meeting was on prevention, planning for contingencies, developing emergency response plans and creating a work environment and culture focusing on safety.


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