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Trader Joe’s Ranked First in Innovation


The Fordham University Gabelli School of Business in cooperation with Rockbridge Associates ranked Trader Joe’s as the most innovative chain in grocery innovation applying the American Innovation Index.  Whole Foods Market and Aldi were included in the group also demonstrating innovation. 

The evaluation involved two hundred companies from twenty industries including retail, financial services and manufacturing.  Trader Joe’s ranked first in the grocery category and fourth overall as an established brand offering snacks and frequently introducing new products.  Whole Foods Market ranked second and Aldi, in third place were noted for their store brand products.


Dr. Barbara Porco, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at Fordham School of Business noted, “What is unique about the American Innovation Index is that it is the only survey that measures company motivation based on customer experience.”  She added, “This reminds us of the incredible importance that consumers play in driving innovation in the marketplace.”

Trader Joe’s operates 500 stores in 40 states and is ranked number 27 on the Progressive Grocer 2023 list of the top food and consumer retailers.

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