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Broiler Breeder Research Projects Funded


The Cobb Research Initiative has awarded grants to nine projects relating to aspects of broiler breeder productivity.  The intended research will be conducted by programs at Auburn University, Oregon State University, Georgia Tech. Research Institute, University of Connecticut, North Carolina State University, the University of Tennessee in the U. S. and the University of Oxford in the U. K.


Reproductive efficiency and especially fertility and hatchability were concerns in 2021 and 2022 with average U. S. hatch values ranging from 77.5 to 80.5 percent now restored to 79.5 to 82.2 percent.

Topics awarded funding include: -


  • The impact of restricted feeding regimens on reproductive ability.
  • Data collection and analytics for broiler breeder livability.
  • Application of advanced diagnostic procedures including CT scans.
  • An artificial intelligence-assisted gait scoring system for individual birds among flocks.
  • Attaining genetic progress through improved assessment of welfare.
  • Evaluation of mating behaviors in broiler breeders.

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