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Interview with Wayne Pacelle president of the HSUS

Jan 14, 2014

Paul Markow for HSUS


Recently EGG-CITE approached Wayne Pacelle, president of the HSUS to discuss aspects of the relationship between his Organization and the U.S. egg production industry. Wayne graciously assented and replied in writing to questions posed to him. EGG-CITE is presenting the dialogue in its entirety for the benefit of Subscribers and readers. The HSUS is regarded by many as an implacable foe of intensive livestock production.

The interview provides depth and perspective and irrespective of one’s standpoint on welfare the views of the person leading the nation’s most influential organization are certainly relevant to our industry. EGG-CITE is neutral and neither endorses nor opposes the sentiments presented. Contrary or supporting views are welcomed as these will add to the ongoing debate.


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