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Texas Enacts Plant-Based Labeling Law


Following other states, Texas has enacted a law requiring clear and unambiguous labeling of plant-based alternatives to real meat products. The recently enacted Texas law was intended to “address the issue of unclear labeling on products that look and taste similar to traditional animal-derived products.”


The Texas law is based on political expediency and serves as an example of “feel good” legislation designed to appease ranchers and organizations representing the red meat industry.  When challenged, labeling laws that discriminate against plant-based protein have been ruled unconstitutional based on First Amendment rights.


In support of the bill, the Texas Farm Bureau and Texas Cattle Feeders cited a 2020 survey of 1,200 consumers suggesting that 20 percent of those purchasing a plant-based product felt “misled by the label noting that they had thought the product contained real meat”.


A review of products in coolers and on supermarket shelves leaves no question as to the composition of available plant-based products and the claims of confusion among consumers are essentially spurious.


The Texas law will be challenged and as with similar state legislation will probably be ruled unconstitutional.

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