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China Lifts HPAI Restrictions


The unjust restrictions placed on entire states as a result of any diagnosis of HPAI in a  commercial farm in a single county has restricted exports of U. S. poultry products to the People’s Republic of China (PRC).  Recently, China lifted restrictions on seven states among which North Carolina, Delaware, Maryland and Texas are major broiler producers. The concession relates to product processed after November 10th.  China maintains a ban on importation from 31 U.S. states of which 13 are eligible for export under WOAH rules.


Over the first nine months of 2023 exports to China, valued at $576,346 comprised 67.4 percent paws and feet representing 73.2 percent of value with a unit price of $1,848 per metric ton.  In contrast, legs and leg quarters comprising 24.2 percent of volume and 14.2 percent of value were priced at $963 per metric ton below average export price. An evident trend in export to the PRC is a reversion of exports to the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong with presumed transshipment to the Mainland.

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