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Recent Research on Shell Strength

Sep 27, 2013


A nutritional study conducted by Dr. Sally Solomon from the Institute of Biodiversity, Glasgow, United Kingdom, published in British Poultry Science* indicates the effect of bioplexed micro- mineral supplementation on shell strength through the production cycle.

The experimental design included a control diet, supplementation with sodium selenate a bioplexed selenium supplement (Sel-plex®) (Alltech) and a combination of Sel-plex® and Bioplex® a combination of mineral proteinates. 

Bioplex® supplied iron and copper at a level of 5 ppm and manganese and zinc at 20 ppm in diets. Selenium was supplemented in the form of either selenate or the commercial Sel-plex® additive at 0.3% in diets to provide 3 ppm selenium.

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