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South Africa Extends Anti-Dumping Duties


According to USDA-FAS GAIN Report SF2024-009 released on May 3rd, the Government of the Republic of South Africa has extended anti-dumping duties on U.S. origin, bone-in frozen chicken.  Currently U.S. poultry is imported into South Africa under a tariff rate quota that rebates anti-dumping duties provided that volume is lower than the TRQ limit of 71,632 metric tons specified for 2022-2023. 


U.S. chicken is still non-competitive with poultry from other nations eligible for a tariff rebate.  The South African International Trade Commission ruled that anti-dumping duty rebates and poultry tariff rebates are not “mutually exclusive”.


The Foreign Agricultural Service is making appropriate representations to the International Trade Commission and the South African Revenue Service to reconsider what must be regarded as a discriminatory ruling. Despite the TRQ only half the U.S. quota was imported in 2022-2023 due to competition from other exporters and domestic supply.


For the record exports to the RSA have declined successively since 2020:-

Year    Importer rank  Metric Tons

2020             11th         88,798

2021             14th         79,450

2022             14th         55,449

2023             18th         44,324

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