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Aviagen Awards Graduate Scholarship


Aviagen has announced Ms. Yingxin Zhao as the 2023 recipient of the Poultry Science Scholarship.  Ms. Zhao is a graduate of the University of Alberta and will undertake doctoral studies relating to meat quality, working with a major producer in the Province.


Ms. Zhao commented, “This scholarship not only supports my academic pursuits, but also affirms the value of my research in the broiler meat industry.”  She added, “Thank you Aviagen and the Canadian Poultry Research Council for the scholarship award”.


Matt Klassen, Account Manager in Canada for Aviagen stated, “Ms. Zhao embodies the future of the Canadian poultry industry and Aviagen is proud to support her journey.” Aviagen is a longstanding supporter of the Canadian Poultry Research Council and will continue to invest in initiatives that promote a sustainable future for the poultry sector.

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