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Jennie-O Turkey Store to Consolidate Hatching Operations


With the initiation of operations by Nest One a combination of HeadStart Hatching and Next Nest Hatching, Jennie-O Turkey Store will close hatcheries in Barron, WI in June and subsequently their facilities in Henning and Foley, MN.


Head Start Hatching and Next Nest Hatching were formed under Life-Sciences Innovations.  The joint-operation will be managed by Jonathan Huisinga, a fourth-generation participant of the turkey industry.  The Nest One Hatchery will be equipped with HatchTech incubation installations including a patented hatcher that allows poults to feed and drink after they hatch and dry, contributing to increased viability and livability.  The Nest One facility was planned over an extensive period with construction commencing in the fall of 2022 and completion in January 2024.  With incremental production, the facility has now attained projected capacity allowing Jennie-O to terminate existing activities and consolidate hatching in one modern unit.


In the most recent quarterly investors’ call Hormel CEO Jim Snee noted, “The modernization and investments have set up our plant, people and brand for growth by enabling us to more efficiently achieve our mission of meeting the needs of our customers and consumers with innovative products and services.”


The Barron, WI complex will cease operations during the current quarter and the plant will be repurposed for value-add further processing.

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