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Good Meat Markets Hybrid Plant – Chicken Product


Interpreted as a desperation move, Good Meat, an entity controlled by Josh Tetrick has launched a hybrid pseudo-meat product in Singapore.  The ersatz chicken carries a claim of three percent chicken cells and is marketed through a local butchery and priced at over $5 per lb.


The origin of the chicken cells apparently included in the Good Meat product is unknown since news reports confirmed that Tetrick closed his Singapore plant.  The Company is embroiled in litigation with suppliers claiming nonpayment of invoices and breach of contract.


The inclusion of a token three percent of animal-origin cells in a plant-based food product will certainly not move the needle on sustainability nor will it contribute to environmental mediation.


The news report on the product launch suggests yet another publicity initiative by Tetrick in his attempts to raise venture capital funding. He appears to have exhausted sources in the U.S. and from sovereign funds in the Middle East.


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