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MUSH Foods Produces Hybrid Beef and Mushroom-origin Patty


According to MUSH Foods, an Israeli food tech company, their 50 CUT™ burger comprises equal proportions of ground beef and mushroom mycelium.  A life cycle assessment analysis conducted by consulting company, Boundless Impact Research and Analytics, demonstrated that the mushroom component generated less than 20g. carbon equivalent per patty, effectively reducing the impact of a conventional burger patty by half.


Mush Foods claim that their hybrid burger is similar in organoleptic properties to a conventional ground beef patty but with environmental benefits.  The 50 CUT product is formulated to achieve a “clean label” as the mushroom derived component is devoid of binding agents, seasonings or preservatives.


There is no indication of price for 50 CUT. Plant-based patties have the disadvantages of higher cost, inferior taste and texture and labels denoting additives, compared to all-beef patties. These are reasons why plant-based meat substitutes have failed to gain market share in the food service and QSR sectors resulting in losses for producers.

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