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Interview with Joanne Ivy

Jan 4, 2013

Joanne Ivy serves as president and CEO of the American Egg Board (AEB).  She succeeded to the position in 2007 replacing Louis Raffel.  Joanne has been affiliated with the AEB for 25 years during which she has assumed positions of increasing responsibility.

In 2005 Joanne was awarded the International Egg Commission (IEC) Douglas Wellstead Memorial Trophy as the International Egg Person of the Year.  This was in recognition of her considerable contributions to the promotion of eggs both in the U.S. and other member countries. In September 2010 she assumed the Chair of the IEC.

Achievements during her tenure as President & CEO at the AEB have included establishing and promoting World Egg Day, initiating research to confirm that eggs are lower in cholesterol and higher in vitamin D, increasing egg servings at Quick Service Restaurants, stabilizing the decline in consumer demand, implementing an egg farmer image campaign, and re-launching the “Incredible Edible Egg” jingle first released in 1977.  

In 2009, the Egg Nutrition Center moved from DC to be housed with AEB, which provided for a more strategic, integrated marketing approach with a major financial commitment to expanded nutrition research. Her philanthropic activities include overseeing AEB’s relief efforts for the Southeast Asia Tsunami and Haiti earthquake victims and leadership roles in coordinating hunger relief in various U.S. cities such as Joplin and areas affected by Hurricane Sandy.


Joanne Ivy, President and CEO of the AEB participates in feeding First Responders during the aftermath of hurricane Sandy

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