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Poultry Health Survey

Dec 6, 2012

Dr. Eric Gingerich presented the results of a survey covering members of the Association of Veterinarians in Egg Production at the meeting of the U.S. Animal Health Association meeting on October 22nd 2012. Members of the AVEP were asked to rate the prevalence of common diseases of pullets and hens held in either caged or non-confined systems.

Among caged pullets, yolk infections and “starve-outs” were regarded as the most significant conditions recorded. This reflects adversely on the quality of pullets delivered to farms. Among caged-pullets, Marek’s disease and E. coli were ranked 3rd and 4th respectively. In non-confined pullets, coccidiosis and Marek’s were the 3rd and 4th highest ranked conditions of significance.  Mid- ranked conditions included infectious bronchitis, ILT and Ms.  It was significant that Mg was not regarded as a common infection responsible for losses.

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