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Opposition to Antibiotics Intensifies.

Jul 11, 2012

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (D-NY.) an implacable opponent of antibiotics in food production, has released findings from a survey regarding antibiotics used in the production of food from flocks and herds.  The questionnaire was sent to 60 QSRs and FMI members requesting details of their policies on antibiotics. In commenting on the survey, Slaughter stated   “the food industry has provided us with valuable information and with that knowledge we must act”. From the sentiments expressed by the worthy Congresswomen it is presumed that the answers to the questionnaire were predictable and represented an oversimplification of what is otherwise an extremely complex situation.

The survey demonstrated acceptance by the food industry of preventive and therapeutic administration of antibiotics which are administered in consistency with FDA approvals. To obtain a license, applicants must supply extensive data demonstrating effectiveness, safety and freedom from residues.  The question of drug resistance is now emerging and has added a new dimension to the issue.

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