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Responding to Consumer Expectations and Perceptions

Jul 2, 2012

Patrick G. Wall PhD.
University College Dublin

This edited version of the presentation made by Prof. Patrick Wall is based on a paper delivered at the 2012 Alltech Symposium.

Given the projected growth in global population, the long-term outlook for the agri-food sector is promising.  Huge opportunities are presented by emerging markets for dairy products, eggs and meat.  Genetic selection is creating the potential for animals with greater efficiency with respect to growth, reproduction and conversion. New technologies pioneered by Alltech including programmed nutrition will contribute to achieving genotype. To attain gains from improved genetic strains, management, housing, health and welfare must be optimized.  In addition, consumer perception of how food is produced is crucial if the image, or the reality, of wholesome, natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable output is to be achieved.

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