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USDA-APHIS Shares Progress Report with Industry

Jun 19, 2015

On Friday 12th June, the USDA presented their weekly progress report on control and eventual eradication of HPAI. Topics reviewed included the current situation, investigations of the epidemiology of the current outbreak and contingency planning for future outbreaks.

No new outbreaks were detected during the week ending June 12th in either commercial turkeys or laying hens. Depopulation is proceeding well but flocks are still being processed from the most recent outbreaks in Nebraska.

Disposal of caged flocks in Iowa with the largest number of birds euthanized is moving ahead with two landfills now accepting bagged hens. Two small incinerators are in operation with a third unit due to come on line.  At this time among layer chickens and pullets, 7.5 percent of all flocks depopulated are pending disposal with 4.4 percent in Nebraska and 2 percent in Iowa involving four and three premises respectively. Losses to date represent 10 percent of average layer inventory and five percent of average pullet inventory. 

Backyard flocks and hatcheries distributing eggs and chicks still represent a potential problem.  One operation in Iowa recently shipped fertile eggs and chicks to 35 states in 100 consignments.

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