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Bottom-line Financial Outcome May Not Be a Sensitive Determinant of Effective Management Inputs


Recently Dr. James Barton delivered a presentation examining the incremental direct and indirect costs associated with unconventional production systems. The Power Point slide-set used in his presentation is posted for the benefit of Subscribers.

Dr. Barton summarized his presentation as:-
•Recent pressure from multinational restaurant chains has caused poultry veterinarians to consider non-traditional farming practices. Some of these methods include organic, raised without antibiotics, free range, and "enriched" layer-housing. Interest in alternative farming practices is often based on the perception that antibiotics have an inherent negative impact on the welfare of the animals or consumers.
•It is advantageous that all production factors be valued appropriately for both cost and benefit. Additionally, it will become more important to capitalize on production advances that cannot be measured concomitant with normal farming practices. Previously unappreciated factors must be considered to determine "bottom line" success. Some of these neglected factors including the cost of obtaining new contract farmers; the cost of lost production when antibiotic-free status is revoked; loss of social license to farm; the cost of lobbying, legal defense; and additional marketing efforts pertaining to conventional farming practices.

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